About University and Ismailia

Suez Canal University (SCU) is a young education and research institute in Egypt with a rapid growth in scientific value in recent years. The following chart demonstrates the different research activities in SCU and full report can be downloaded from here.





Ismailia is a beautiful small city famous of large greening areas and Suez Canal. There are several interesting sight-seeing spots in Ismailia, for example:

  • “Number 6 ferry boat area”: is a marvelous peaceful spot overlooking the Suez Canal. It witnessed many battles during the Arab-Israeli conflict.
  • “The memorial of 6 October, 1973 Victory”: was inaugurated on 5 October, 1992 on the east bank of the Suez Canal and was modeled after a Bayonet.
  • “Tabet El Shagara”: is 10 km from Ismailia. It was the headquarters of the Israeli enemy leadership during the October war.
  • “Olympic village”, where there is opportunity for many water sports.
  • “Ismailia┬áRegional Museum”: was established in 1932. It contains Pharaonic, Islamic, Greek and Roman collections from different periods.
  • The new Suez Canal project site.